Development of Progressive Web Applications to Improve the User Experience

Progressive Web App Development

Progressive Web App Development

In the business landscape we currently find ourselves in, characterized by the rapid evolution of technology, web app development company are continually looking for new intelligent strategies to enhance their digital presence.

In this context, the development of progressive web applications has been positioned as an unmatched way to improve the user experience from mobile devices and computers.

Because, in a consumer society with as much competition as this one, it is not simply about adopting a new technology, but about ensuring the relevance and competitiveness of our company in the current market and in the future.

For this reason, this type of apps, somewhere between mobile applications and traditional websites, have become an attractive option for entities seeking to expand their reach and stay at the forefront of digital technology.

What is a Progressive Web Application?

Progressive web applications (PWAs) are a type of software that combines the best of conventional web pages and traditional mobile applications.

Thanks to the incorporation of ‘Service Workers’ technology, they can run in the background without completely depending on the browser. Meanwhile, other standard web tools such as HTML (markup language), CSS (cascading style sheets) and JavaScript (programming language) facilitate its development and allow code sharing between different platforms.

Thus, on mobile devices, it is possible to install them as if they were traditional applications, and thanks to browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, they can also be installed on devices.

In short, PWAs comply with the following premises,

  • They are installable on the user’s device as if they were native applications .
  • They work without an Internet connection.
  • They are automatically updated when a new version is available.
  • They are accessible from any device.

Benefits and Fields of Action of PWAs:

The development of progressive web applications provides a series of advantages in all areas, both for the creators of this type of software, for the end user, and for the web app development company that implements it.

From a general perspective, perhaps its strong point is its universal accessibility . PWAs eliminate barriers between platforms, allowing users to access a company online from any device with an Internet connection. This significantly expands your reach and ensures a consistent experience for everyone, regardless of their location or preferred device.

Advantages for Users:

  • They are faster than traditional web applications and consume less mobile data.
  • They can be installed on any device without having to go through an application store.
  • Since it can be used without an Internet connection, users can access content at any time, synchronising data when connectivity is restored. This is particularly beneficial in areas with intermittent connection or poor coverage.
  • Progressive web apps use the same security technologies as native apps and are therefore more secure than traditional web apps.
  • By working through the HTTPS protocol , the integrity of the data and the user’s privacy are protected.

Advantages for Companies:

  • As the user experience is similar to that of native applications, they increase the satisfaction of potential customers, which has an impact on loyalty to the company.
  • Thanks to caching technology, user abandonment rates are also reduced.
  • They support push notifications , allowing companies to send instant and relevant messages to users, thus encouraging continuous and personalised interaction. This results in improved engagement.
  • They are indexed in search engines, it also contributes to improving the organic positioning (SEO) of the company on the internet.
  • The development of a PWA is cheaper than that of a native application for each platform. Furthermore, by simplifying the creation process by the expert software development company , the need to create and maintain multiple versions for different operating systems is avoided.

What Type of Companies Should Opt for the Development of Progressive Web Applications?

PWAs can benefit any type of company, but they are especially suitable for entities that offer services or products that users need to use frequently, those that want to improve interaction with their users or those that intend to lower the price in the development of their applications.

Ultimately, these applications can benefit these types of companies:

  • E-commerce, because it provides a fast and frictionless user experience, reducing shopping cart abandonment rates.
  • Travel agencies or hotels because they can offer updated information about destinations, reservations and services, even in situations of lack of connection.
  • Banks and financial services companies can provide transaction alerts, account updates, and important financial news.
  • Companies that offer professional services, such as consulting and advice , with content that does not depend on a constant internet connection.
  • Online education platforms can use PWAs to offer students quick access to educational content.
  • And, also, local businesses and small businesses , as frictionless installation helps increase brand visibility on customers’ devices.
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