8 Best Ways To Track Your Vehicle Location

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

The traditional methods of vehicle tracking using mileage, clock-ins, and fuel consumption are no longer in vogue. Advanced technology offers more robust and exciting GPS systems to track and manage vehicles.

Vehicle tracker offers real-time vehicle tracking. Fleet owners and companies can monitor the whereabouts of their vehicles from their offices or with their smartphone devices.

With technological advancements, vehicle tracking is much quicker, easier, and better, giving you peace of mind. There are various unique ways to track your vehicle location. 

  1. With GPS Tracker

The GPS car tracker is the most popular vehicle-tracking device. It is a satellite tracking system installed on a device to navigate and determine the location of a thing.

The GPS (Global Positioning System) works with an installed device, such as a smartphone,  tablet, computer, etc., to determine movement or track the exact location of anything.

Fleet managers and car owners use this vehicle tracking system to track the movement of their assets. It provides accurate reports about movement, routes taken, exact location, traffic conditions, speeding conditions, and much more.

Many companies have developed various devices that work with GPS tracking systems. With a GPS tracking solution, you can track and monitor your vehicles whenever they are on the road.

  1. With Smartphones

Another perfect way to track your vehicle location is by using your smartphone. If you have an Android phone, you can install a GPS tracker on your device.

Once you have an internet connection and a lasting battery, you can use your smartphone as a vehicle tracking device. Install the GPS tracking app on your device, set it up, and you can monitor the whereabouts of your vehicles from anywhere on your device.

Tracking vehicles with a smartphone is common among personal car owners. However, fleet managers can use it to monitor and track their vehicles because it is less expensive and more convenient.

A smartphone-enabled GPS tracker has many advantages; You don’t need to purchase a different device to track your vehicle location. You have 24/7 access to your tracker and phone.

  1. With Google Maps

Google Maps is another amazing way of tracking vehicle locations. With the rise of online taxi services, real-time vehicle tracking has become more urgent and essential.

With the help of GPS and a Wi-Fi-enabled device, you can install Google Maps to help with information regarding your vehicle location.

You can get the live location of your vehicle with the use of Google Maps, no matter the area around the world. Google Maps works with longitude and latitude with a satellite tracking system.

  1. With a Built-in Tracking System

Many car manufacturers are making the security of cars more digital and effective. They install a built-in tracking device in their vehicles to enhance the security and safety of their cars.

These vehicles are equipped with advanced technological features such as GPS trackers to monitor, navigate and locate your vehicles in real-time.

This built-in feature is unavailable to older cars. However, you can install it on your vehicle as an add-on device. The result is the same.

Built-in tracking system helps to spy on your car in case it is stolen or used for an unauthorized assignment. If you’re using a third-party built-in GPS tracking device, you have to ensure that it is adequately hidden to prevent theft or removal when it is stolen.

  1. With Telematics Devices

Telematics is a branch of information technology that deals with transmitting computerized information from a digital device. It consists of a small device attached to the OBD-II port of a vehicle with a GPS antenna for tracking a car’s location.

Fleet managers and vehicle owners use telematics to receive information about vehicle locations. Telematics, like other devices, works with a GPS tracking system to provide information regarding the visibility of your vehicle.

Telematics offers various services such as vehicle location, speed alerts, fuel usage, etc. It receives data from  GPS and sends it to a server for processing.

  1. With AI-Powered Tracker

AI-powered technology is gradually taking the place of human activities. It is a trend that integrates GPS technology with vehicle tracking systems. It is a cloud-based image processing technology using camera vision data for vehicle detection and monitoring.

One of the wonders of AI-powered tracking solutions is that it can predict the traffic situation of your route.

Many businesses use AI technology to manage their fleet because it provides accurate data, reporting, safety solutions, etc., for their vehicles.  It helps fleet managers in making better decisions about their vehicle management.

  1. With a RAM Tracker

RAM tracking also works with GPS tracking devices. There are various GPS tracking devices on the market. Once you choose what option you want, you can install the GPS device correctly.

You can access the tracking data using the RAM tracking app. With this, you can access your vehicle’s information, including their whereabouts and speed, monitor driver’s behavior, or recover your lost vehicle.

With RAM tracking, you can track multiple vehicles in real-time and get all the necessary information about your car.

  1. With Dedicated GPS Tracking Devices

There are various operational GPS devices tailored to your specific needs. Each of these devices has unique features for tracking vehicles.

These devices employ GPS tracking software with AI/Machine Learning to operate. They can track vehicle location in real-time, give you access to vital vehicle information, and complete fleet management.


GPS tracking is vital for car owners, fleet managers, and parents to track their vehicles and personnel.

These latest tracking devices offer complete fleet management solutions such as preventing and detecting car theft, route optimization, safety precautions, driver behaviors, and more.

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