Move-To-Earn Games- The Future of Web3 Gaming Companies

Move-To-Earn Game

Move to Earn Games

Games are fascinating to watch and play. What if these come with another remarkable aspect of the Move-To-Earn?

Yes! It’s about earning while moving. You might have heard of fitness apps for which you need to pay monthly, but the emerging blockchain technology has transformed the way people do physical workouts. With the “move-to-earn” concept, individuals can earn rewards while completing their workouts.

What are M2E games? What is the phenomenon behind these games? Do these games offer a considerable amount of growth to businesses? Are these really beneficial for people with the goal of staying fit? There might be so many questions in your mind regarding the move to earn games. We will try to cover all the elements in this blog.

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What are Move-To-Earn games?

If you know about the play to earn concept, then it would be easier for you to understand the Move-To-Earn concept. In M2E games, players move while doing physical activities like walking, running, or other similar ones, and in return, they are paid for doing workouts. The motive of M2E games is to keep healthy the whole community.

In this sedentary lifestyle, individuals work days and nights to earn bread and butter; thus, they don’t have time to invest in their bodies. However, when fitness arrives with monetary benefits, everybody would enter into the fitness race. With M2E games, people can achieve their goals by earning rewards.

Why Are M2E Games Growling?

M2E games are gaining ground in recent times. There are numerous reasons behind this which are discussed below:

  • Health Benefits

No matter the scenarios, M2E games can run in every situation like COVID -19. Players can stay at home and do physical activities to stay fit and healthy.

  • Financial Motivation

To stay motivated and stick to routine physical activity, M2E is a great source of financial motivation since users can earn while doing activities. STEPN is one such example that pays the players as much as $4,500 a day for doing workouts.

  • Fun-Filled Activities

M2E games are exhilarating and fun-filled as it is a social way of working out. By doing activities, users won’t only become healthy but also earn cryptocurrencies and other rewards.

  • No/Minimal Investment

The move-to-earn games are the easiest option to start with your fitness journey as it requires no investment.

  • Fitness Tracker Integration

M2E games are integrated with trackers to keep a regular check on daily activities, thereby inspiring players to do better.

  • Reusable Assets

M2E games are based on blockchain; therefore, all the collectibles of these games can be utilized on other platforms as well to earn profits.

  • Transparency

The blockchain-based transactions in the M2E game are open and seamless.

Important Features Of The Move-To-Earn Game

Any renowned Move-To-Earn Game Development Company will add certain features to the game that are a must for the successful running of the game. Without these common features, it won’t be able to lure customers towards itself. Let’s have a look at the basic features of the M2E game app:

  1. Security

The blockchain-based M2E games offer advanced security features, avoiding any malicious activities or vulnerabilities to a greater extent.

  1. Real-Time Tracking

For such apps, real-time tracking is necessary to keep track of all your physical activities. With this feature, users can keep a record of their activities and can earn rewards in completion.

  1. Marketplace Integration

The integration of the NFT marketplace is a necessary feature in M2E games. Users can trade collectibles like shoes, sneakers, and other items through these marketplaces. In addition, NFT Marketplace is required to buy NFT shoes and participate in any activity at the start of the challenge.

  1. Smart Watch Integration

This feature enables users to track all their physical activities, like walking, jogging, and running. Integration of smartwatches helps in staying in touch with the M2E platform easily.

  1. Interactive Design

Any website or app with an alluring and interactive design easily attracts the users’ eye. Thus, the Move-To-Earn games feature attractive designs to engage more customers.

  1. Goal Setting

M2E apps gave the feature of goal setting with which they set their daily goals of workouts. In this manner, they have a sense of responsibility to complete the activity and stay motivated to perform better.

  1. Dashboard

With a feature of a dashboard, every user stays updated with their daily activities or activity in progress, achievements, future goals, etc. Moreover, it also covers the latest happenings in the M2E game world.

  1. Social Media Integration

Social media integration is an exciting feature to share M2E triumphs with friends. This way the users stay motivated and also motivate others to use the app and try to be fit.

Development Process of M2E Games

The development process of move to earn games would include some steps that are looked upon and catered to by highly skilled professionals.

Step 1- Requirement gathering

Step 2- UX/UI Design

Step 3- Front-end & Back-end development

Step 4- Testing

Step 5- Deployment

Step 6- Support

Some Of The Top M2E Games

  • MetaGym (MGCN)
  • Genopets (GENE)
  • Dotmoovs (MOOV)
  • Sweatcoin (SWEAT)
  • Step (FITFI)
  • OliveX (DOSE)
  • Calo (CALO)


Without any doubt, Move-To-Earn games are truly potential to build up a healthy community. While these games are beneficial for the players in numerous ways as discussed above, at the same time, these M2E games are profitable from a business perspective.

With the rising popularity of some of the existing M2E games, it can be predicted that investing in M2E game development is definitely a lucrative business opportunity. If you are also interested in this concept, then contact an experienced and highly renowned Move-To-Earn Game Development Company.

Build one for your users and earn huge profits.

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