The Best Watches to Buy for Men in 2021

Luxury Watches for Men

Best Luxury Watches for Men

A wristwatch can make the whole outfit of men look updated and very appealing. There are several best watch brands are available that make the Best watches for men and also Luxury watches for men. Adding a wristwatch can take your outfit to a different level and if that watch is loaded with some special features, people around you are going to become fan of your personality. Here, we are listing some of the best watches for men in 2021 with their specifications and prices. They are available globally and the features of these watches are also of the International level. You will be able to compare them with the luxury watches for men but they will stay within your budget. Using this article you will see that you can explore the best watches brand without thinking about the overpricing as we have kept all of these under budget.

You will find that every watch is different from the other and each one has a different style and look. Also each one is one of the best watches for men. Some of these below mentioned watches has also won some awards and the rest of them are appealing because of their features.

We have mentioned watches which starts from £200 and stays within your budget. Let us have a look at the list of Luxury watches for men coming from best watch brands:-

  • Seiko 5

  • Citizen Eco-Drive

  • Tissot Le Locle

  • RadoCentrix

  • Gucci Timeless

  • Rolex Submariner

Let us now explore a little about all these best watches for men, best watches brands, specifications and prices.

1. Seiko 5

Seiko 5 Smart Watches

There is a truth that you can not get a world-class luxurious watch under £200 but what you can get is Seiko 5. This is a watch that can make you feel like you are wearing one of the luxury watches for men, without even cutting your pocket. This can be counted as one of the best watches for men.

Seiko is a Japanese company and well known for its accuracy and quality and also one of the best watch brands. But, they do not carry the same prestige as other big brands have, as they make watches on budget and also try to give the customers a luxurious feeling but the other big brands earn over just their names.

Special Features

  • Seiko 5 is the cheapest watch we have ever come across which comes with automatic movement because of which can be easily put in the section of luxury watches for men.
  • One of this best watches for men does not require batteries to run, rather it uses your body movement to work.
  • This watch is water-resistant up to 100m which means it can be worn while swimming but will not be a good option to wear while diving.
  • The front of this watch is made from robust Sapphire just like most luxurious watches, rather it is made with minerals.
  • One of this best watch brands develop these watches in various styles.


This watch is the least price on our list and you can have this beauty over your wrist for £200 – £350 depending on which style are you going to buy.

2. Citizen Eco-Drive

Citizen Eco-Drive Watches

This is another option out of luxury watches for men to choose for if you are somebody who is crazy about watches, this beauty can make your collection look even more satisfying. One of this best watches for men from Citizen is a very clever combination of both types of features including very accurate quartz and automatic movement. Normally you have to choose between both of these features, sometimes even a watch that is for £10,000 is not able to fulfill this requirement but one of this best watch brands is providing both the features.

Special Features

  • Instead of using a regular battery for the watch, this has been developed by using a small solar panel that has been fitted on the front side of one of this best watches for men. And this is how this watch has got its name ‘Eco-Drive’.
  • It has been claimed to be the most accurate watch in the world thanks to the “Atomic Keeping” of this watch.
  • The front mirror has been made using sapphire crystal which makes the front of this watch very strong.
  • The water resistance of this watch is 200m which makes it suitable for diving.
  • Available in various models.


Talking about the price range of this brilliant watch, you can get your handsome this Japanese creation by spending £150-£450 depending on the model you are interested in.

3. Tissot Le Locle

Tissot Le Locle Branded Watch

Out of all the high-quality Swish watch brands, Tissot is one of the cheapest as you can get a Tissot watch by just spending £100, but if you want high maintenance and luxurious watch you need £350-£700. This watch has been named after the village Le Locle where these are been made.

Special Features

  • You get one of this watches for men with an automatic feature into it, which means it doesn’t need a battery to work.
  • One of this luxury watches for men comes with a tough synthetic Sapphire glass on the front.
  • One of this best watch brands provides leather straps rather than chain with this watch.
  • Not a water-resistant watch as it has a water resistance of only 30m which is not appropriate enough for any water-related activities.


You can get this leather strapped watch for a price of £450, which is not very much as this is replicating any other extra expensive watch.

4. Rado Centrix

Rado Centrix Brand Watch

Rado is another Swish brand that makes quartz watches and also some automatic watches. They have got some amazing designs which have got personality without them being looking odd. The Centrix range of Rado is very much appreciated and liked among all of the other ranges.

Special Features

  • Centrix range of one of this best watch brands comes with quartz movement.
  • One of this luxury watches for men comes in a classic grey color which gives it a decent look.
  • One of this best watch brands uses a tough Sapphire crystal for its front part.
  • One of this best watches for men with a splash-proof feature.


This one is priced as compared to the ones mentioned above, you can see this over your wrist for £895.

5. Gucci Timeless

Gucci Timeless Smart Watch

Another well-known name for best watches brands. Generally, people, you are interested in buying watches doesn’t go after fancy names. But, Gucci is trying to impress customers with their contemporary designs which will please the choice of modern men. This brand is also trying not to overprice its product so that it can stay within the reach of not so high-class section of society.

Key Features

  • This Timeless range of Gucci comes with a quartz movement feature, whereas if you are willing to buy an automatic one, you will have to pay almost double the amount of £1000.
  • Gucci has managed to give a beautiful design to their piece, it has also got an advantage of the place they are being developed, which is Switzerland that has got a badge of honor for developing the best watches.
  • It comes with a water resistance feature but is not suitable for water diving and other water-related activities that take a long duration.


Talking about the price of this beautiful watch, you can have this for £650.

6. Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner Luxury Watch

How is this possible that we talk about luxury watches for men and the name ‘Rolex’ does not come. This name does not require any introduction neither anybody have to mention that Rolex develops the best watches for men and is one of the best watch brands.

The Submariner has been in the existence since the 1950s which has now evolved and improvised such as the depth with which you can dive with it. One of this best watch brands has developed one of this luxury watches for men,especially for underwater usage. That is how one of this best watches for men has got its name “Submariner”.

One of this Luxury watches for men has always been the favorite for many celebrities including James Bond.

Key Features

  • Most Rolex Submariners are chronometers which means that one of this Luxury watches for men has been independently tested by different watch lovers in Switzerland.
  • One of this best watches for men is as tough as an old boot and also an automatic watch.
  • One of the best-known luxury watches for men, consisting of the best quality material used in development.


No need to mention that this one is the most expensive watch of all the others mentioned above. This brilliantly luxurious watch will take your £5000 to be added in your collection. Because of the price, it is hard to say that investing in one of this best watches for men is a great option, but this product can be most durable, reliable and value for money.


After reading all the above-given information you can say that it is not important to buy an expensive watch to own luxury watches for men. There are many options and also the best watch brands available that provide the best watches for men on a budget. So, you have to be clever with everything that you buy either it is a watch or anything else because it is not necessary to spend much of your money to feel luxurious.

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