10 WordPress Plugins to Help You Reach the #1 Position on Google

Best Wordpress Plugins

Best Wordpress Plugins

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for driving traffic and boosting visibility online. For WordPress users, plugins can make SEO simpler and more effective.

The right plugins allow you to optimize on-page elements, improve website speed, build high-quality backlinks, and more. However, with thousands of plugins out there it can be overwhelming to know which ones are truly essential.

This definitive guide covers the top 10 must-have WordPress plugins for dominating SEO in 2023. These plugins are considered best-in-class for optimizing different aspects of a WordPress site.

The list was created based on extensive testing, polls of SEO experts, and analysis of top-ranking sites. It focuses on all-in-one SEO plugins, page builders, speed optimization, link building, security, and ease-of-use.

1. Rank Math – The All-In-One SEO Beast

First up we’ve got Rank Math, which is hands down the most powerful all-in-one SEO plugin available for WordPress.

I ran a poll in my Facebook group (shout out to the SEO homies in Affiliate SEO Mastermind!) asking people what they thought the absolute must-have plugins are. And Rank Math came out far and away as the winner.

Other popular SEO plugins like Yoast couldn’t even touch Rank Math’s votes!

Here’s a Quick Rundown of Why Rank Math Rocks:

  • Schema markup – This feature is a total game-changer. Schema is code you can put on your pages to tell Google exactly what your content is about. Like if you’ve got a recipe, product review, local business info, etc. When you make it easy for Google, they make it easy for you!
  • XML sitemaps – Google wants to see an XML sitemap on your site. With most plugins you’ve gotta build one yourself. But Rank Math makes one automatically! Welcome to the easy life.
  • Bulk editing – With a few clicks you can edit titles, meta descriptions, and other optimization elements for your entire site. So clutch when you’ve got multiple people working on a site.
  • Tons more features – Rank Math has everything you could possibly want in an SEO plugin, and it’s all in one place!

Clearly Rank Math brings some serious SEO heat. If you’re just getting started with optimizing your WordPress site, this plugin needs to be the very first one you install! It lays the groundwork and will take care of so many critical elements to boost your rankings.

Alright, let’s keep this SEO train rollin’!

2. Elementor – Design Beautiful Pages

Elementor is hands down the best page builder plugin out there. It lets you create absolutely stunning designs with a simple drag-and-drop editor.

You can do things like:

  • Customize fonts
  • Easily add images
  • Build tables
  • Create popups and slide-ins
  • Really anything you can imagine, you can build!

Get ready to say goodbye to boring sites!

Now there is one catch with Elementor – it will slow down your site’s speed a little. All those cool designs require more code, which means longer load times. It’s a small price to pay though for beautiful, engaging pages.

We’ll get into site speed plugins later on to fix that right up!

3. Auto Optimize – Instant Site Speed Boost

Speak of the devil – it’s time to talk site speed!

Google has made it crystal clear that site speed is a ranking factor. Since most people search Google on their phones now, they want sites to load fast even on mobile devices.

Auto Optimize is a free plugin that can significantly improve your site speed. How does it work?

When your pages load, there’s a bunch of stuff going on behind the scenes – HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. Auto Optimize scans through all of that and reorganizes it so it loads as quickly as possible.

Some of the things it optimizes:

  • JavaScript files – It bundles multiple scripts together and reorders them so non-essentials don’t load first.
  • HTML and CSS – Repackages your code so above-the-fold content loads immediately.
  • Images – Enables lazy loading so images down the page load only when needed.

It’s like a free personal assistant for your site, clearing out the junk and reorganizing things so it runs faster!

I tested Auto Optimize out on a client’s blog and it improved their site speed by over 30% with one click. Absolutely wild!

4. WP Rocket – Next-Level Caching for Speed

Alright, this next one is one of my all-time faves. Allow me to introduce you to WP Rocket my friends!

This is a paid plugin that takes your site speed to unbelievable levels through caching.

Now what is caching exactly?

Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • When someone visits your site, it pulls all the code needed to display the page. This takes time.
  • With caching, your pages are “pre-loaded” and stored on a server.
  • When someone visits, the cached page is shown instead of rebuilding the page. Sites load super fast!

It’s like baking a tray of fresh cookies versus pulling cookies out of the freezer. One takes way longer!

5. EWWW Image Optimizer – Speed Up Your Images

At this point your site should be moving at a good clip thanks to our caching and code optimization plugins. Now let’s talk about images.

No matter how fast your site is, if you’ve got massive images it’s gonna slow things down. EWWW Image Optimizer is the best plugin for compressing images and improving speed.

It works two ways:

  1. Lossless compression – Makes your image files smaller without reducing quality.
  2. Resize images – Automatically scales your images for page display size so huge images don’t bog things down.

I tested it out on a travel blog I manage that had some massive hero images. EWWW shrunk those bad boys down by nearly 80% without touching image quality!

Between EWWW, Auto Optimize, and WP Rocket, your site speed will be smoking fast. Google will be loving your quick load times!

Okay, taking a quick water break and we’ll get back to more awesomeness!

6. Pretty Links – Mask Affiliate Links

Time to talk about some marketing plugins, starting with Pretty Links. This free plugin is amazing for affiliate sites.

Not only does it simplify links, but Pretty Links also tracks clicks so you can see which links get the most clicks! Super useful for optimizing affiliate earnings.

This is one of those plugins that takes 5 minutes to set up but will make your life 1000X easier. If you’ve got affiliate links on your site, you need Pretty Links!

7. Redirection – Easily Handle Redirects

Next up is Redirection, a slick plugin for managing redirects. 301 redirects are an important part of any good SEO strategy.

For example, maybe you changed your site structure and need to redirect an old URL to a new one. Or consolidated some content from different pages into one mega guide.

Redirection gives you a simple interface to handle any redirect needs. Instead of having to mess around with your .htaccess file and risk breaking stuff, this plugin makes it foolproof.

I recently used Redirection to handle some merged content pages. It only took a few minutes to set up the redirects, and traffic kept flowing seamlessly to the new pages.

Definitely grab this one – it’ll save you tons of headaches down the road!

8. Wordfence – Lock It Down Tight

I don’t know about you, but I’m paranoid about site security. There are some shady characters out there looking for any vulnerability.

That’s why Wordfence is an absolute must. It’s a firewall and malware scanner that locks down your site tight. Some of the ways it protects you:

  • Blocks brute force login attacks
  • Stops spam comments
  • Scans files for malware
  • Prevents bots from crawling user-only areas

Plus tons more. I use the free version and it gets the job done perfectly. Their premium option has some more robust features, but I find the core security tools are plenty.

Sleep easy at night knowing Wordfence has your back against the dark forces trying to infiltrate your site!

9. UpDraftPlus – Bulletproof Backups

You’ve got great security, but what happens if your site does get hacked? Or your host crashes?

That’s where UpDraftPlus comes in – it handles easy WordPress backups and restoration. You can schedule automatic backups to cover your behind in any worst case scenario.

I do weekly UpDraftPlus backups to my Google Drive for all client sites. It gives me peace of mind that I can always restore a site if disaster strikes.

They also have an amazing “staging” feature that lets you test changes or plugin updates in a copy environment before pushing live.

Your hard work deserves to be protected – make UpDraftPlus part of your insurance policy today!

10. Contact Form 7 – Simple Contact Forms

Last but not least, we’ve got Contact Form 7 for easy contact forms. What’s a website without a way for people to get in touch, right?

Contact Form 7 has stayed the same for years because it just works. It’s lightweight, simple to customize, and painless to embed forms on your site.

Now having good forms helps your SEO too. Google’s quality guidelines stress the importance of sites being easy to contact. So don’t overlook forms!

And there we have it – my 10 best plugins for SEO success in 2023!

Let’s Recap the List:

  1. Rank Math – All-in-one SEO foundation
  2. Elementor – Beautiful page builder
  3. Auto Optimize – Code optimization for speed
  4. WP Rocket – Caching and more speed
  5. EWWW – Image compression
  6. Pretty Links – Mask affiliate links
  7. Redirection – Simple redirects
  8. Wordfence – Lockdown security
  9. UpDraftPlus – Easy backups
  10. Contact Form 7 – Basic contact forms

Time to Boost Your Rankings!

We’ve covered a ton of ground here on the essential WordPress plugins that can take your website’s SEO to the next level.

With the right tools, optimizing your site for search can be easy and fun!

Now if you don’t have the time or skills to handle this yourself, that’s totally understandable. In that case, I recommend partnering with a professional WordPress development company.

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