The Easiest Way to Delete Duplicate Photos from USB Drive

Duplicate Photos Fixer

Duplicate Photos Fixer

The most common issue encountered by users is the creation of duplicate photos. Duplicate photos emerge on the computer due to various causes, such as unintentional double restoration, duplication, or multiple downloads. This predicament is notably pronounced on USB drives, which rapidly approach their confined storage capacity due to the presence of duplicates. Neglecting to systematically remove these duplicates results in USB drive saturation, necessitating the deletion of essential data or the procurement of a new USB drive. In this context, we will illustrate how to erase duplicate photos on a USB flash drive.

Reasons to Delete Duplicate Photos from Your USB Drive:

There are various types of USB drives available, each differing in size. These USB drives serve as ideal storage solutions for transferring pictures. When a USB drive reaches its storage limit, it becomes impossible to store additional pictures, leading to the need to either delete some images or purchase a new USB drive. Removing duplicates from the USB drive creates more space, eliminating the necessity to invest in a new USB drive or delete crucial data.

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To eliminate duplicates, a duplicate photos remover program can be utilized. In this case, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is employed, providing a straightforward solution for removing similar and identical duplicates from your computer.

Reasons for Choosing Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Instead of Other Duplicate Remover Programs:

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a user-friendly program designed for effortless, one-click duplicate removal, acknowledged for its excellence as a duplicate photo cleaner. Available across major platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, Duplicate Photos Fixer boasts a straightforward interface, ensuring simplicity as a duplicate remover. An essential safety feature prevents unintentional marking of all duplicates in a group, providing protection against accidental deletion of entire sets of pictures. Given the time and effort involved in manually removing duplicates, opting for the efficient Duplicate Photos Fixer program is advisable.

Key Features:

1. Identifying Duplicates

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro effectively removes duplicates with varying file names, sizes, and formats. It will help you to scan and remove duplicates from different locations easily.

2. Identifying Similar Photos

In addition to identifying identical duplicates, this straightforward duplicate photo remover also helps eliminate similar pictures. Similar pictures are very hard to identify and Duplicate Photos Fixer does an excellent job of finding and removing similar looking pictures.

3. Scan Internal and External Devices

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro facilitates the removal of duplicates from both internal and external devices. It allows the addition of different locations for duplicate scanning; you just have to add different drives to the scan list and start the scan.

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4. Auto-Mark Functions

Duplicates identified using this program can be automatically marked, a valuable function when dealing with numerous duplicates. The auto-mark feature selects all duplicates in a single click. Users can customize auto-marking criteria through the selection assistant, offering different rules for marking duplicates. You do not have to mark the duplicates manually one by one, you just have to use the Auto Mark function.

5. Comparison Mode for Similar Matching Criteria

For users seeking similar pictures, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro provides various scanning filters to detect pictures with differing similarities. There are different settings that you can tweak for finding the duplicates. Different settings will help you to find duplicate photos according to the user’s preferences.

How to Remove Duplicate Photos on a USB Flash Drive in Windows 10?

It is advisable to use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro instead of manually deleting duplicates, as manual identification and removal are time-consuming and labour-intensive. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro scans and identifies duplicates in a single click, allowing for hassle-free deletion. This program also supports the removal of duplicates from external drives. Connect the drive to the computer, select the location, and initiate scanning.

Duplicate Photos fixer is a simple and easy to use duplicate finder and remover program. It will easily find the duplicates for you.

Steps to Remove Duplicate Photos on a pen Drive in Windows 10 using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro:

  • Download and install the program from the provided link.
  • Connect the pen drive to your computer.
  • Open Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro and click on the “Add Folder” button. Select your pen drive.
  • Once the location is selected, click on “Scan for Duplicates” to initiate the scanning process.
  • After scanning, all duplicates will be displayed.
  • Manually select duplicates or use the Auto-Mark function for easy selection.
  • Click on “Delete Marked” to remove the identified duplicates.

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Pros and Cons of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro:


  • Includes rotated and flipped images.
  • Easy, fast, and user-friendly program.
  • Rapid scanning speed.
  • Prevents unintentional deletion of entire duplicate sets.
  • Single-click removal of duplicates.
  • Identifies and removes identical and similar images.
  • Auto-mark functionality streamlines the deletion process.


  • Limited functionality in the trial version.


Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro stands out as a top tool for scanning and removing duplicate files from Windows 10 computers. This program efficiently scans internal and external drives, including pen drives, offering a straightforward user interface for easy duplicate removal. For USB pen drive duplicate removal, a simple scan using the program and subsequent selection of duplicates for deletion is all that’s required.

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