Why After Changing a Cartridge Will the Printer Not Print?

Troubleshooting Printer Tips

How to Fix Common Printer Problems?

The canon printers are known for their reliability when it comes to creating professional documents and printing high-quality photos. There is no doubt about that but sometimes there are some issues that you can face.

When you change the cartridge of the printer due to several reasons such as the ink must be empty or the cartridge might have been faulty. When you do that, at times, you will see that the canon printer won’t print. It is going to stop all of a sudden and you will not be able to print anything.

There are many reasons why that might have been happening. Sometimes it is going to happen when the ink is full. The other reason could be that the canon printer does not recognize your ink cartridge or it still might be empty.

Let us now take a look at some of the most common causes of the issue and provide solutions for each one of them.

Why is My Canon Printer is not Printing When the Ink Tank is Full?

With the particular canon printer issue, the problem is going to lie with the printer or from its ink cartridges. Well, in the former issue, it can be dealt with with some simple checks.

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  • Make sure that the printer is used properly turned on and is plugged into a reliable power source.
  • The canon printer must be connected with the computer through a wireless network or a USB.
  • Also, make sure that there is still paper in the input tray. Also, make sure that you are using the correct media and they are properly loaded on your printer in order to avoid any more errors.
  • The printer must not be showing the signal error.
  • The print heads must be clean and must be free from any of the ink clogs.

Why is The Printer Not Printing After Changing The Cartridges?

Well, if you have completed the above steps and you are still facing the issue, then it might have been because there is some issue with the ink cartridges.

Troubleshooting Printer Steps!

Here are some the most used troubleshooting printer tips by following these easy steps and you can fix the any printer issues.

  • Take Out the Protective Taping

The majority of the ink cartridge is going to come with a tiny band of protective taping that is going to seal the print nozzle. Well, its main purpose is to block the nozzle and will stop the ink from leaking out when the cartridge is stored or has been shipped.

When you forget to take out the protective taping, while installing the ink cartridge, then the ink won’t come out from the cartridge’s nozzles. So, you must make sure to remove the protective tape once you load the latest ink cartridge in your printer in order to have smooth printing.

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  • Bypass the Epson Cartridge Check

Your Canon printer might have failed to recognize the latest ink cartridge and this is why its ink level system must have read it as empty. For most of the canon printer models, there is a way through which you will be able to bypass the built-in ink checking through the fast cartridge test.

    • Raise the printer’s top cover and then hold the ink button.
    • Let the Ink cartridge holder will move towards the proper cartridge access option.
    • After that open, the lid of the cartridge that is out of the ink and then lowers it back without taking the cartridge out.
    • Then you also need to close the printer cover and then resume the printing.

The ink cartridge reset process is going to differ in all the canon printer models. You can refer to the printer’s manual if you want to know the reset process of the printer.

  • Conduct the Extended Cleaning Cycle

When you have stored the ink cartridge for a certain amount of period, then the ink in its tank has now started to become dry. You must conduct the extended cleaning cycle in order to help in resolving the issue and allow the printer to recognize the ink cartridge.

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You need to look for something that’s going to resemble the cleaning button in your Epson printer and then long-press it for at least 5 seconds. You need to get in touch with the product’s manual in order to learn more about conducting the extended cleaning cycle on the device.

Once you have completed the cleaning cycle, then try to do a test print in order to determine whether the printing is back to normal or not.

  • Ink Cartridge Refilling Problems

Well, when you opt to refill your ink cartridges instead of purchasing the latest replacements is the best way to save your money as well as the environment. Refilling the ink cartridges might be of some challenge as if it is not done properly, then it is going to cause issues with the printing.

It is also going to help if you finally know whether the ink is reaching the bottom of the tank or not. In order to resolve this issue, you need to remove the faulty ink cartridge and then inject the additional ink through the exit hole.

Last Line!

These are some of the steps through which you will be able to resolve the canon printer not recognizing new ink cartridge. If you’re still facing the issue and are looking to resolve the issue, then get in touch with the official  experts of canon. They will provide you with the best solutions!

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