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After the pandemic struck, most people have been locked in their houses. This has led to the rise of digital consumption of content. OTT has played a major role in this. OTT popularity is increasing at a rapid rate. According to a report by Statista, OTT media revenue is expected to cross US$ 167 billion by 2025 which is two times bigger than what it was at the end of 2019.

A study from Limelight Networks conducted in 2019, stated that the USA’s OTT consumption per week stands at 8.55 hours per week, more than the global average of 6.8 hours. With the growth the medium is seeing in the last couple of years, this number has only risen.

Comscore The State of OTT Report (June 2020)

There are several OTT software available in the market that provide great features, and choosing the right OTT solution that offers visually appealing, pre-designed templates, comprehensive tools, and effective content management & monetization will enable you to engage your audience with the right flavor of content. So how can you find the best solution out of the available OTT SaaS options? We have listed some of the best OTT software in the market to manage and monetize your content business. Let’s take a look:

Here is the List of 5 top OTT Software 2021.

  1. Enveu

  2. Zype

  3. Uscreen

  4. Dacast

  5. Brightcove Beacon

1. Enveu


Enveu is the first in the list of the top OTT software. It’s a low code/no code white-labeled SaaS software that helps you to manage your content business hassle-free. It has managed over 200 million OTT experiences across 30+ million devices. From Websites to Phones and Connected TV, launch your OTT platform across multiple devices in just a few weeks. It is an effective and quick option as you don’t need to code your platform. You can manage your OTT across devices like Android, iPhone, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Samsung TV, LG TV, Chromecast etc.

2. Zype


Zype is an API-first SaaS-based platform that creates and manages your digital video business. With features like a content manager, content monetization, analytics, and integration, it serves all the basic and advanced purposes of a content creator. They have experience of serving over 3 billion video API requests per month and it connects 52 million people to videos.

They have different pricing plans for every business. If you wish to go for a basic OTT application, Zype provides Zype X which is free for the first month + 500$ usage credit. For businesses or enterprises, one would need to upgrade the plant to Network, Premium, and Enterprise. Pricing for these plans are 2500$/month, 3500$/month, and 5000$/month correspondingly.

3. Uscreen


Uscreen is the third on this list. Uscreen can help you manage and monetize your content, stream live and on-demand video, and gives you a comprehensive analysis of your audience. They also have a  “Reduce Churn Rate” tool to decrease the churn rate.

Uscreen comes with a 14-day free trial version and you can upload your content without worrying about the additional cost of bandwidth. It is calculated within the fixed subscription plan. After that, you can choose from paid subscription plans. Basic and standard plans come for 49$/month and 399$ /month correspondingly. If you want service for your enterprise, you need to have a customized plan. All these plans cost 0.50$/Subscriber, therefore the cost can vary if you exceed subscriber limits.

4. Dacast


Dacast is another top OTT software in this list. It enables you to host, monetize and broadcast streaming platforms, without losing the quality of the video. Dacast has 10+ years of experience with a global clientele. They also provide a 30 day free trial with 10 GB of free bandwidth.

Dacast provides 4 plans which include Starter, Event, Scale and a Customize plan. Dacast’s basic plan starts from 39$/month. All the plans include live stream recording, Ad-free HD streaming, unlimited concurrent viewers and Content Security.

5. Brightcove Beacon

Brightcove Beacon

One of the most significant names in this industry is Brightcove which provides OTT platform solutions in the USA, Europe and other countries, called Brightcove Beacon. With 16 global data centers handling 875 million views a week, it delivers your videos or live streaming services to multiple platforms and across different countries. Brightcove beacon helps you to monetize your content, manage your content, and customize the layout & experience. It also gives you a comprehensive insight into your audience, so that you can serve your customer best to their interests.

The sudden spikes in online consumption have made broadcasters and media publishers shift their content on the internet and give the audience a comprehensive way to watch all their favorite shows and movies on a single platform. The recent merger of Discovery and Warner Media is a classic example of this.

Build Your Own OTT or Outsource Your OTT Platform

There are many off-the-shelf services providing the best OTT platform solutions in the USA, Europe and other markets that could be a better choice rather than creating the application in-house. But should you build your own OTT or outsource your platform?

For a CTO, setting up a tech team from scratch for each OS platform, hiring product managers, quality analysts and other specialists, partnering with VDORS, etc will not only burden them and their team but also push back timelines.

Outsourcing your OTT development will reduce your cost, time and work; and instead, you can focus on creating great content for your user base.

So if you do really want to get your OTT ecosystem in the hands of your audiences faster, why not opt to outsource its development to an experienced partner!

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