8 Fun Free Games for Kids to Play Online

Best Online Games for Kids

Best games for kids online

If you want to keep your kids occupied for a while, place them in front of some engaging computer games. The days of kids barely knowing how to turn on a computer are over. On the contrary, Generation Z members spend most of each day glued to their phones.

Also, it’s a great idea to transform this addiction into a learning tool using video games. Nevertheless, parents may feel overwhelmed when faced with many choices when choosing the best one for their child. Here are a few of the top popular online games for kids that you can find online. You can also explore the best browser games for all ages.

Why Choose Online Games Instead of Downloads?

Playing games online has several benefits. Popular online games rely on frequent content updates to keep players engaged and interested. To maintain a fresh and engaging game experience, developers often offer fixes, expansions, and downloadable content (DLC). In the long run, players are interested in this ever-changing content. When you play video games online, you may compete with other players and see how good you are if you’re looking for a challenge.

List of 8 Best Games for Kids to Play Online on Windows:

Now, we will review the top eight best online games for kids.

1. Gartic Phone

One of the best online games for kids is the Gartic Phone. Many remember playing Telephone Games or Chinese Whispers at birthday parties as kids. You might be familiar with the game. Gartic Phone takes its cues from the timeless game Telephone Game and updates it with a digital twist that players will love.

Gartic Phone


  • Players take turns creating fun lines and sketching pictures. The idea is to preserve the original sentence across the rounds.
  • In fast-paced mode, you copy drawings while the clock ticks faster. To correctly replicate the original artwork is a battle against time.
  • The game hides all graphics and text. Players face uncertainty as they decode concealed material.

2. Skribbl

Let your creative side shine! It is time to put your artistic talents to the test in a game of Skribbl if you have been cooped up at home all this time. Alternatively, be ready to see your pals suffer if you have horrible sketching talents. We long for the days of playing Pictionary or Draw Something with our friends, and this free multiplayer guessing and drawing game brings back those memories.



  • Talk to other players in the chat area. Share jokes, humor, and creativity.
  • io thrives on multiplayer. Draw and guess the words with friends and strangers.
  • Collaboration makes it enjoyable.
  • Voting allows you to monitor and keep things amicable.

3. Board Game Arena

Do board games appeal to you? Worry not, for we understand how disheartening it is to be unable to play them at social events anymore. Board Game Arena is an online platform offering more than 230 board games, so you may play all your favorite games whenever you want. There are many free games, including famous ones like 6 Nimmt and Saboteur! It is one of the best safe online games to play.

Board Game Arena


  • Real-time games pass the turn timer to the next player, whereas turn-based games give players several hours to play and advance.
  • An open lobby lets players schedule games.
  • Players may filter by reputation.

4. Tabletopia

Want to play even more board games on your computer? Tabletopia is another alternative to explore if you’re a fan of board games developed by well-known and independent studios. They have over a thousand board games accessible for free on their digital sandbox system, which is like having an unending playground. You may test your game creation abilities with their one-of-a-kind editor feature.



  • Using magnets to put parts in certain areas.
  • Ready-to-play game sets for different numbers of players.
  • Interactive areas with set moves that happen automatically.

5. Sky: Children Of Light

You and your pals could blast with Sky: Children of Light, an adventure game. With your pals, you may explore seven breathtaking regions in the gorgeously illustrated kingdom of Sky in this award-winning indie game based on the open-world adventure idea and has captivating in-game music. All the adorable character modification choices, thrilling seasonal events, and ever-expanding worlds are just a few of our favorite aspects of this game.

Sky Children Of Light


  • Players may unlock cosmetics and phrases using in-game cash by encountering ghosts.
  • As they become friends, gamers may communicate and send gifts.
  • Seasonal and event-specific outfits and accessories let players define themselves.

6. Colonist

Everyone who loves board games has probably heard of Catan. The intense competitive strategy required by this multiplayer board game has kept it at the top of the charts for the last 20 years. There are a few places to play Catan online, but our favorite is Colonist, a free service that many believe to be the most authentic online version of the game.



  • 14 tasks with different tracks for war and peace.
  • You can play as many randomly created maps as you want to.
  • You can play hundreds of games made by other players.

7. CardzMania

Playing cards with your pals on a night when the school is closed won’t be a problem. If you prefer traditional card games to modern board games, then you’ll love CardzMania. CardzMania is another fantastic discovery; it is a website that specializes in card games and offers free access to over twenty games! Their popular games include Gin Rummy, Euchre, Hearts, and Spades.



  • Every round, players have a different deal: 3 or 2 tricks.
  • For every trick won over their contract, a player gets one point.
  • People who win extra points can steal cards from a losing person and return any card they want.

8. Krunker

Krunker is a great choice for those who want a more intense game to play with their pals. Sorry, iPhone owners, but this basic web game is also available on mobile via the Play Store. It’s a fast-paced first-person shooter. If you’re a fan of games like Minecraft, you’ll probably appreciate the game just for its quirky aesthetic—the bright colors and block-style visuals.



  • You can buy, sell, and swap thousands of skins and things.
  • Simple images that look like blocks and no blood or gore.
  • Dedicated servers on every region and a server viewer that is easy to use.


You can’t keep kids these days away from video games played on smartphones or computers. As a result, you may show your child how much you care by exposing them to games that are great for learning and education. To assist you in raising your child’s IQ, we have included a list of the best safe online games to play.

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