How to Add Game Elements Into Healthcare App Development?

Gamifying Healthcare Apps

Gamifying Healthcare Apps

The bad news is that 7 out of 10 people barely made any efforts to keep their health in check regularly. Now let’s get to the good news this was until healthcare apps came in. The drive to be healthy or consciously adopt a wellness lifestyle was quite missed in action (MIA) until these apps rolled out. Let alone applauding and promoting this behavioral trait., this certainly was a hindering factor for the individuals in adopting a healthy lifestyle. But, not the only hindering factor because even after these apps made their way into people’s lives there was not much adaptation or change witnessed.

However, gamification changed the scenario altogether and it is now safe to say that it has brought people to be more active, healthier, and more vigilant about their health than ever before. These apps have been a savior; motivating users to get healthier, and better at fitness and wellness is not the last thing anymore. Plus, what is shifting gears is how users can track their health progress, gain rewards for accomplishing fitness goals, and a lot of other perks. The gamification format pushes the user to keep breaking fitness records and spurs the camaraderie of competition amongst users. It is a mix of irresistible features that pull in the users in more ways than one. Also, like with the wearables, fitness applications and technology taking center stage the march towards the same is to propel.

Let’s dive into the blog to learn more about how gamifying a healthcare app can get you bounties like never before.

What is Gamification in Healthcare Apps?

Remember how the fitness ring in iWatch prompts you to complete the step count even on the days when you are sluggish to the core? Or how some apps give you rewards for completing the fitness goal? But, here’s the catch- the fact that winning those points makes one stretch your limits and stick to a healthy lifestyle.

It is human psychology when behavior is promoted, rewarded, and recognized; it quadruples the will and zeal of a person to keep at it. And, gamification is a human-based design based on psychological aspects. Where rewards are in the form of points, leaderboards, progress displays, levels, etc. Now, what this does is it motivate the users of your healthcare app to compete and beat their last levels to progress continuously. Plus, to get those wins and levels crashed and to boast about it on the app adds another level of kick and boost.

So, this was a breakdown of how gamification works in a healthcare app. And, this will possibly help you distinguish what a simple healthcare app would offer and otherwise.

Literal Explanation: It is adding gamified elements to a healthcare app to make the app more engaging, interactive, and entertaining for the users. The goal is to make the app fascinating so that it hooks the users to keep up the consistency. Be it leaderboards, rewards, points, level-ups, or new milestones, these gamification elements are placed as boosters for the users to be dedicatedly hooked.

Also, while we have given you the picture of what it is and how the metric works. Now, you must know what good it does to your business. Because hello we are here to make your moves and investment lucrative. So for you, we have dedicated the next section to how bringing in gamification in your app will set you apart of course, and set you up for monetary wins. (next to next section). And, and, and all of this while you win a gigantic consumer base.

How Gamifying Healthcare Apps Revamp the Approach to Healthcare?

Apps are for users and businesses are centered around the users. More like businesses are on a hamster wheel to cater to users with the best they can. But, if you have a healthcare app and you are struggling to catapult engagement, user base, and user satisfaction. Or if you want to simply amplify your offerings even then gamifying healthcare is the next step for you.

Without much beating around the bush, we will straight away get to the crux. This means that gamification can revamp the approach to healthcare.

1. Kickstarts a Wellness Journey

  • By winning rewards, topping the leaderboards, and unlocking milestones the users embark on a wellness journey. But, with these gamification elements, the throttle hits harder than ever.
  • Ideally what happens is users do get on the healthcare apps but the odds of them being glued to it. Or being consistent becomes lesser considering the mundane layout and just healthcare education rollout.
  • Just the dictionary or guide-like app UI will make your user funnel out sooner than you can think. But, on the other hand, if you bring in elements of competition the scenario changes.
  • For ex: If you integrate a reward element where on completing a given number of steps the users win a reward. Or even within a group of users the one who wins the competition their name is flashed on the leaderboard.
  • Now, this is where the psychological part comes into play. Where you spring up competition and trigger their winning muscles, and, this works as a magic booster that helps them to kickstart their wellness journey.

2. Promotes Healthcare Behavior

  • Gamification is infused in the apps to inculcate a pattern and behavioral trait that encourages and attracts the users.
  • With healthcare apps, the goal is to keep the users motivated and pumped up and drive them to unlock more fitness goals, etc. And, here is where the gamification elements come to show.
  • It helps to steer the user’s behavior into adopting healthier choices leading to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Because this at the core gets them rewards and recognition.

3. Panoramic Access to Health Progress

  • Information and reports on progress with regards to health, sleep, diet, fitness, etc is a big takeaway for the users.
  • When you get to know your sleep cycle is getting regular, the fitness chain is getting stronger and you’re doing a lot better. It makes a sea-change in how you steer your life further. This motivation comes from those apps that let you see how much progress you’ve made.
  • The gamifying healthcare apps work wonders in this aspect. It gives the users access to map their progress and take into account the fluctuations.
  • This entire chain of letting your users track their progress, follow their diet and receive feedback whips out stellar results for you.
  • Dodge is that mundane healthcare app that simply puts up information or has some basic boring features backed with functionality.

4. Personal Health Management

  • An app that allows users to track, map, and reconsider the fluctuations in their health is far better than any other app.
  • What we mean by this is personal health management goes a long way. Giving accountability and the charge to the users puts them at the forefront.
  • At times it’s not just about fun and interaction only which would sum up the gamified healthcare apps. But, in actuality, it works in wonderful ways.
  • This in turn makes the user take an active role and responsibility in being fit, making healthier choices, etc.
  • Well, this autonomy makes the app interesting and engaging for the users. Whereas, it brings dynamicity like user engagement, user base, conversions, etc.

5. Improved Healthcare

  • Active participation in health management is a byproduct of healthcare gamification. This is because gamifying elements like leaderboards, points or rewards, challenges, or interactions equip the users from left to right.
  • A dedicated move to be healthier, be proactive, and analyze the health cycles is a result of a suite of highly engaging elements.
  • Lastly, what this will do is it will work for you as an app owner vicariously. By giving the users advancements like the adoption of healthier habits, enhanced patient-doctor engagement, and consistent feedback.

Well, the entire concept of healthcare gamification is centered around the users. Right from making the app engaging, beyond basic and highly advanced. Rolling out a user experience that is nothing like before. Having said that, it is significant to say that this is equally beneficial.

Benefits of Healthcare Gamification:

The gamification aspects like leaderboards, points, rewards, challenges, or social interactions have their perks and benefits. This is pretty obvious considering the approach it revamps to the entire trajectory of healthcare, wellness, and healthy lifestyle it brings.

Still, to get you well-versed with what it has in store. We have listed the same for you;

  • Boosted Conversions
  • Amplified User base
  • Wider Reach
  • Access to Modern Healthcare Services
  • Advanced patient care
  • Behavioral Change
  • Administering Health Personally
  • Tracking progress
  • Higher Engagement
  • Engaging with Virtual communities
  • Personalization

So, these are some key benefits of gamifying healthcare apps. And, these show up in more ways than one. The capabilities of gamification in healthcare development are unparalleled. This brings us to tell you why it is the best decision. Whereas, the reasons are pretty clearly mentioned above and the concept as such is lucrative. Although, we have in the section below why it is the best decision for a better picture.

Why Gamifying Healthcare Apps is the Best Decision?

To put it in the literal sense- Health is the most significant aspect and advancing healthcare app development is a boon. Plus, gamifying the same with leaderboard, in-app challenges, rewards etc helps the users to stick by more than before.

Besides that, there are a plethora of reasons that will back your decision to gamifying healthcare apps. You get to the bag in a modern user base, amplify your suite of features, offer beyond basic functionality, etc. Now there are of course tangible and intangible benefits both.

Yes, one of the reasons here is also that it is quite a winning concept and something that users opt for. With that, it also gives personalized services with timely feedback, user data, and progress reports.

Lastly, beyond these reasons, the user base acceleration of several monetary metrics amplifies the events of perks.

Wrapping Up:

Be it a weight checker app, a step counter or a diet app gamification in healthcare apps is a no-brainer. There is no second thought to the fact that these elements take user experience up a notch. And, a fantastic user experience is a key to success for any business out there. But, to get it all right an app that is functionality-wise and feature-wise accurate. This also means you will need a healthcare app development company. Because it requires a diverse skill set and expertise.

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