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Message Blast

Message Blast

It’s true, customers prefer receiving marketing messages from businesses through text! As many as 54% of customers prefer promotions through texts rather than other marketing mediums such as email, voicemail, or social media.

Since mobile phones have taken over and are in the pocket of nearly 97% of Americans, it’s clear that text message marketing can no longer be ignored. However, despite this clear indication, not many businesses have used text message marketing to their advantage.

Do you know what that means? An incredible opportunity for your business to jump ahead of your competitors!

Just read this article to learn about all the basics of text message blast and SMS marketing.

Text Message Blast: What Makes Them Special?

Text message blast are texts that are sent in bulk to customers to promote your products or services. Today, text blasts are an essential part of a successful digital marketing campaign and are a great tool to build customer loyalty.

These text blasts have been rising since the past decade, but what makes them so special? Well, unlike other marketing channels, these text message blast are no one-trick pony!

They provide businesses several advantages such as:

  • Boosting sales by sending promotional or transactional texts
  • Engaging audience with two-way communication
  • Generating excitement by offering text-to-win competitions
  • Collecting and nurturing leads

Are Subscribers Important In Text Message Marketing?

Subscribers aren’t just important; they’re the most essential part of text message marketing! Without a subscriber list, your business would have no one to send your text message blast to.

That’s because, in many countries, it’s punishable by law to send such texts to customers without them opting into your subscriber list. Customers can opt-in by sending a short code or keyword to your business number.

However, expanding this subscriber list can be tricky, and if you’re unable to do this, your text marketing campaign will face hurdles. The following tips can help you expand your subscriber list are:

  • Offering incentives to sign up
  • Starting a referral or loyalty program
  • Promotion of your text marketing campaign through live events
  • Encouraging people to sign up by offering subscribers exclusive deals

Tips to Launch A Great Text Marketing Campaign!

Ready to jump ahead of the competition by incorporating text marketing into your mobile marketing strategy? 

  • Pick Reliable SMS Marketing Software 

The first step to launching a great text marketing campaign is to pick reliable SMS marketing software. Several such software is available in the market today; however, not all of them provide the best features at economical prices.

Hence, you should first know what features you’re looking for before you head out to find the perfect SMS marketing software for you. Some things to keep in mind whilst doing this are:

  • Is this software simple and easy to understand?
  • Is the sign-up process for subscribers easy?
  • Do you have access to a detailed analysis regarding your text marketing campaign?
  • Can you easily afford this software?

Once you’ve picked your software, you can move on to creating and implementing your text marketing campaign.

  • Time Your Messages and Automate Them

Texts that are sent at odd times, such as 3 am or 7 am, are less likely to be effective as customers are more likely to engage with your texts when they most need them!

Hence, it’s important to do a little bit of research and find out when your texts are most interacted with. For example, restaurants have figured out that they’re most active from 3 pm – 7 pm so, they try to send their marketing messages at that time.

Plus, with the automation of messages offered by reliable SMS marketing software, you can make sure you time these messages to perfection! This automation of texts will save you time that you can better spend in improving your text marketing campaign.

  • Personalize Your Texts as Much as Possible

Personalization is what makes every individual unique. We all have the power to personalize so, why not make the most of it in your text message blast?

With the bonus of available information such as customers’ names, ages, location, interests, etc., it’s become incredibly easy to personalize texts. Such personalization takes the customer’s experience to a new level and encourages them to engage with your texts.

  • Make the Most of Detailed Analysis

Did you know that the best SMS marketing software provides detailed analysis regarding your text marketing campaign? That’s right, businesses today have access to information that can help them understand just how successful their text marketing campaigns are.

After processing this information, they can search for ways on how to improve these campaigns and their marketing efforts. For example, a customer that hasn’t opened their text can be re-targeted through other marketing mediums.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know everything you need regarding text message blast, it’s time to launch your text marketing campaign and grow your business! It’s a highly effective tool that boasts open rates as high as 98%, and if you follow the above-mentioned tips, your marketing efforts will be boosted in no time.

Start text message blasting for your business today, and don’t miss out!

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