Top Mobile App Ideas to Consider for Startups in 2022

Mobile App Ideas

Top Mobile App Ideas

The mobile app industry is a massive market worth billions of dollars each year, and mobile app startup companies are making millions on their app idea. In 2022 mobile app startups will continue to make money from mobile users around the world. However, startups will have to adapt to changing mobile technology trends in order to stay relevant.

It is quite difficult to predict what mobile apps will be popular in five years’ time because mobile technology evolves at such a rapid pace. Still, there are some trends that it might be useful for mobile app developers and startup owners to look into so they can do their research and develop the most suitable mobile app idea in 2022 by taking advantage of existing mobile app trends and android mobile app development technologies.

Top Mobile App Ideas for Startups in 2022

  • All in one Social Media App

All in one social media app

All in one social media mobile app that consolidates all of the most popular mobile apps into one mobile app would be a great mobile app idea to consider. For example, users could have access to mobile Facebook, mobile Twitter, mobile Instagram etc., all in one mobile app. This would mean that there is no longer a need to use mobile phone battery power for opening mobile Facebook mobile app, mobile Twitter mobile app etc. separately.

  • Parking Spot Locator App

Mobile app that is used to help people find parking spots is another great mobile app idea that can be built in 2022. Currently, mobile phone users spend a lot of time trying to find parking spots for their cars because mobile phones do not show real-time mobile information about empty mobile parking spaces through mobile apps. This mobile app can be extremely helpful when mobile phone users arrive in a new mobile area with mobile internet connection and mobile GPS. Also, this mobile app is perfect for mobile phones that support mobile augmented reality technology like mobile ARKit and mobile ARCore.

As we mentioned before, mobile apps that technology will be popular in 2022. Mobile AR and mobile VR apps are two of the most promising trends that startups can consider for developing new mobile app ideas. For example, if someone thinking about starting a startup wants to develop an idea related to the fashion industry, then they might want to focus on one of these two trends are related to virtual reality.

  • AR App for Schools

A mobile app that is used to help school children find their classrooms when they arrive in a new school building is another great mobile app idea for 2022. Currently, this might seem like a simple task to accomplish because schools and buildings all look the same and it would be easy for anyone looking for their class. However, this is not the case and school children often get lost and arrive late to their classes because they cannot find their specific classrooms. This mobile app will make it possible for students to look at a mobile phone camera and see through augmented reality technology how to get from the entrance of the school building to their classroom.

  • Virtual Shopping App

One of the most popular mobile app ideas that many people are looking into is a virtual reality shopping mobile application. Users can use this mobile VR application to try on clothes, shoes and other items before buying them online. This means that they do not need to go through the hard process of trying on their wearable devices in person before being able to buy them.

In the next few years, startups might want to develop a virtual reality shopping application that can be used on mobile phones and wearable devices. In fact, this is one of the most popular trends for 2022 because it will help entrepreneurs make more money from their businesses.

  • Smart Investment App

Smart Investment App

A smart investment application that is able to help users make better decisions about their investments will also be extremely popular in the next few years. This mobile app idea is one of the best ideas for startups because it can create a new revenue stream and help entrepreneurs become more successful in business.

  • Local Party and Event Finder App

If you are looking for a great idea that can be developed into a profitable startup, then you might want to consider developing a mobile application that helps people find local party and events. Currently, this process is not as easy as it should be and there is no single mobile app for this purpose. Startups could change this if they took advantage of this mobile app idea opportunity.

  • Payment Reminder App

If you are a startup looking to develop a new business idea, then consider developing a payment reminder application. This is an important mobile app idea because people often forget when they should make their payments. This will ensure that users never miss another important deadline and it will help them stay on top of their finances more easily.


In conclusion, it is possible for entrepreneurs to make a lot of money by creating a unique mobile application that can help people find important information quickly and easily on their mobile phones.

If you are thinking about developing any one of these mobile app ideas, then you want to work with a product software development company that has years of experience in this area. The company should be able to come up with the best application concept and help entrepreneurs bring their idea into fruition. Origami Studios can take care of everything related to building your mobile application and they can help ensure that you get the results that you want.

The mobile apps ideas mentioned in this article are just a small sample out of the many mobile app concept opportunities that entrepreneurs might want to consider developing. If you have any other great mobile app ideas, then feel free to leave them in the comment section below so other people can see them. Thank you for reading the article and please share it with other people who could benefit from this type of information.

In order to gauge what’s trending, we looked into Google Trends to see if there were any interesting mobile app ideas that were currently rising in popularity. Google Trends is a great way to find out how often certain keywords are searched and which keywords and phrases are currently trending. This information can help you make better decisions about what mobile app ideas you will want to consider developing in the future.

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